Chi Revolution: Harness the Healing Power of Your Life Force

FRANTZIS Bruce [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781583941935

Blue Snake Books 2008 1st Edition

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 Chi Revolution: Harness the Healing Power of Your  (View larger image)

The author shows how learning to direct the healing power of your chi or life force is an inner revolution that requires direct experience and practice, not just thought. Set out in three sections, “The Power of Chi to Transform your Life,” “Diving Inward and Beyond,” and “The Chi Rev Workout,” his discussions range engagingly through the topics, encircling and distilling the “what” of chi and how understanding it in an embodied way will help you move effortlessly through the outer world as you encounter your inner world and find peace, composure, contentment, and emotional and physical strength and tranquility. You might be one of the many who find that, once your chi practices have been established, the gap between your present and future state of awareness is as great as the difference in body awareness between a paralyzed person and an average person.

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