Ba Gua Zhang Deer Horn Sword (DVD)

SHAO Zhaoming [Other titles by this author]


Tai Chi Wushu Institute 1st Edition

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 Ba Gua Zhang Deer Horn Sword (DVD) (View larger image)

Deer Horn Swords are designed for use against multiple attackers, or any type of weapon. There are techniques for use against the spear, staff, saber and especially the straight sword. It has been said the Deer Horn Swords are especially good at defeating the straight sword with their hooking and trapping techniques. As their shape suggests, the weapon’s application principles are in line with that of the Yin Yang philosophy. While one is blocking, the other is attacking; while one traps, the other cuts. Due to the blades in all directions during action, they are like the "claws of a dragon". The use of Deer Horn Swords involve many techniques, including hooking, locking, cutting, pulling and chopping just to name a few.

Duration Approx. 25mins

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