McGraw-Hill's Chinese Pronunciation with CD-ROM

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ISBN: 9780071627368

McGraw Hill 2009 1st Edition

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 McGraw-Hill''s Chinese Pronunciation with CD-ROM (Cover Image)

In Mandarin Chinese, the word "ma" can mean four different things depending on the tone (the pitch) "mother," "hemp," "horse," or "to scold" even though the pronunciation is the same. If you are not a native speaker of Chinese, you may find this aspect of learning the language daunting. McGraw-Hill’s Chinese Pronunciation makes it easier for you to pronounce Chinese words correctly. You are first introduced to the simple sounds; you then learn their combinations and correct tones. Vibrant illustrations in the book and video demonstrations on the CD-ROM even show tongue placement and mouth shapes to help you get the words right.

Key Features
> Simplifies the learning of difficult sounds and tones through text, video, and audio explanations and examples > With this package, learners will be comfortably using the 21 initial and 37 final sounds as well as the four basic tones in Chinese crucial for accurate communication > CD-ROM includes MP3 files for on-the-go learning on an iPod

280 x 120 mm

154 pp

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