Chinese Link Character Book Level 1/Part 1 Traditional & Simplified

Wu Sue-Mei, Yu Yueming, ZHANG Yanhui, TIAN Weizhong [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780205782987

Pearson Education 2010 2nd Edition

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 Chinese Link Character Book Level 1/Part 1 Traditi (View larger image)

The Second Edition of Chinese Link continues to help students build proficiency in the Chinese language via it's recognition that proficiency requires knowing both the structural forms of the langauge and their approproate use in different cultural contexts. Recognizing that the world is becoming increasingly interlinked and globalized, the goal of Chinese Link is to integrate the "5Cs" principles of the National Standards for Foreign Language Education - Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Connections and Communities - throughout the program in order to provide a new approach to the teaching and learning of Chinese language in the 21st century. The program helps beginners develop their communicative competence in the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, while gaining competence in Chinese culture, exercising their ability to compare aspects of different cultures, making connections to their daily life and building links among communities. Chinese Link is available in both traditional and simplified character editions. New To This Edition NEW 4-Color design helps engage students and provides them with a real-lief view of China today. Revised and updated lessons provide students with more review and recycling of materials, enhance consistency across the chapters, and emphasize student outcomes. More engaging and communicative exercises for learners have been added, and several of the culture notes have been updated. Updated chapter opening photos highlight the lesson theme. NEW “Connections and Communities Preview” sections at the beginning of each chapter help learners make connections to their daily life and build links among their communities. Questions focus on the lesson and Culture Link themes. Key grammar points in the sentence pattern section are now highlighted to enhance clarity. NEW "Language Notes" have been placed next to the Language in Use texts for ease of reference. Pinyin has been added to the grammar examples to provide a more effective illustration of the key grammar notes. Grammar explanations have been simplified and clarified to further aid student proficiency. NEW “Try It!” section has been added to provide guided communicative practice immediately following and reinforcing grammar points. NEW Questions have been added for reading comprehension practice of the supplementary texts. Activities have been updated and additional communicative activities have been added. The "Chinese Link" sections havebeen fully updated and revised: Culture Notes have been updated with new information and some new topics of interest to today's students. NEW A “Do You Know…” section of introductory questions has been added before the reading to arouse student motivation, attention, and interest before reading the culture notes. Comparison questions after the reading help learners to compare their culture to Chinese culture. Questions also encourage discussion on issues related to the reading and lesson’s theme. Photos have been updated to present scenes related to the reading. Captions encourage reflection of information learned in the reading. NEW Fun with Chinese activity questions have been added to highlight familiar words in the idiom/slang and allow students to connect real-life situations with the sayings. Let’s Go! information and activities have been updated to strongly relate to the lesson’s theme. Workbook and Character Book Updates: The Character exercises have been put into a separate volume for more efficiency and convenience. More challenging and authentic materials have been added to the listening exercises. NEW Situational dialogues have been created for each lesson that incorporate the themes, expressions, and pragmatic settings of the lesson. Dialogues also contain some vocabulary and expressions that the students have not yet studied in the hope that these situational dialogues can challenge students from the very beginning and help them develop the skill of picking out useful information even if they don’t fully understand everything they hear. This helps develop an important survival skill for students who will encounter real-life settings in Chinese societies through study abroad, travel, or interaction with Chinese communities in their own countries. NEW At the end of each Workbook chapter, a “Progress Checklist” has been added so that students can monitor their progress and the accomplishment of lesson goals and language competencies in each lesson. NEW - MyChineseLab, available for fall 2010 classes. MyChineseLab is a nationally hosted online learning system brings together — in one convenient, easily navigable site — a wide array of language-learning tools and resources, including an interactive version of the Workbook and all materials from the audio and video programs. Readiness checks and grammar tutorials presented in English individualize instruction to meet the needs of each student. Instructors can use the system to make assignments, set grading parameters, listen to student-created audio recordings, and provide feedback on student work. Instructor access is provided at no charge to adopting institutions. Features Understanding that a textbook should be attractive to both students and instructors, Chinese Link provides a practical, learner-centered and enjoyable language and cultural learning experience for beginning students of Chinese, as well as an efficient and comprehensive teaching resource for instructors. Knowing a language involves knowing both the structural forms of the language and their appropriate use in different cultural contexts. Care has been taken to introduce and explain grammar points clearly and systematically, yet not in a fashion that would be overwhelming to beginners. In keeping with the communicative focus of the text, grammar points are related to communicative task-oriented content. The textbook presents both traditional (complex) and simplified versions of Chinese characters, since it is likely that students will encounter both forms during their course of study. Photographs and drawings make the text vivid and eye-catching, and provide visual cues to aid in communicative exercises and activities. Table Of Contents Foundations Ch. 1: Greetings Ch. 2: Names Ch. 3: Nationality & Languages Ch. 4: School Life Ch. 5: Making Introductions Ch. 6: Family & Communities Ch. 7: Addresses Ch. 8: Meeting & Making Plans Ch. 9: Phone Calls Ch. 10: Time & Schedules Ch. 11: Ordering Food

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