Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis

ROMOLI Marco [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780443068669

Churchill Livingstone 2010 1st Edition

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 Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis (View larger image)

Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis is valuable not only to the practicing acupuncturist but to all medical practitioners. it is an extremely accurate means of interpretation of a patient's condition. Obtained quite simply through examination of the ear diagnosis expediently offers the practitioner the possibility to choose the best approach to treatment. In the technological age, with so many sophisticated diagnostic tools at our disposal, it may seem overly simplistic to rely on basis procedures such as the inspection and palpation of the ear for diagnosis. However, all practitioners need to assess their patients personally, and the observation and examination of the ear can provide much valuable information which cannot be detected in other ways.

Key Features
> Based on around 5000 observations made in both healthy subjects and in patients affected by a large variety of diseases
> Written by a medically qualified general practitioner who is also an experienced acupuncturist
> Provides the basic medical information required to interpret ear examination findings correctly
> uses case studies to illustrate the practical application of the diagnostic method
> describes in detail a number of tests used as part of routine ear examination
> gives guidelines on selecting appropriate auricular acupuncture points of effective treatment according to the diagnostic findings
> highly illustrated with two-colour line drawings, black and white photographs and over 60 full colour plates

Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis provides physicians and therapists with an innovative diagnostic model together with the necessary medical information to interpret their findings correctly. It allows a more complete and accurate diagnosis of a patient's condition and so more effective treatment

About the author
Marco Romoli is a Genral Practitioner who lives and works in Prato (Tuscany). He graduated in Medicine at Florence University, soon afterwards cultivating his intrest in acupuncture which he studied in Japan, China, France and Austria,

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