*Chinese Civilization: A Reader (in Chinese) Zhong Hua Wen Ming Du Ben

LIU Dong [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787544707503

Yilin Press 2009 1st Edition

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 *Chinese Civilization: A Reader (in Chinese) (View Larger Image)

Textbook of Chinese civilization, a book that bringing together experts and scholars in various fields, from different perspectives on various aspects of Chinese history and culture. A wide field of vision, incisive exposition, and appropriate to enable an introduction to Chinese history and culture, one of the best reference books. Hereby recommend to the general reading public.

Chinese civilization influenced generations of great masters, heroes, the new generation of Chinese people from China's ancient civilization needs to improve human quality, and establish cultural self-confidence.

The book consists of faith and philosophical, social and class urban and construction, irrigation and transport, literature and the arts, academic and education, science and technology, medicine, cooking and eating, utensils and playing, art of war and military preparations, territory and properties


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