2009 Naval Parade DVD

ISBN: 9787885818418

Sichuan Art Audio & Video Press 2009 1st Edition

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 2009 Naval  Parade DVD (View larger image)

This parade consists of the armed forces ceremony. A Large-scale military parade, to boost military prestige and morale.

Film brought together from 1949 to 1999 military parades of the grand ceremony, from a historical perspective and ambitious vision, panoramic display of the historic of the people's army.

Film will be the first comprehensive description of the highlights of each parade, . At the same time it will focus on the founding of New China, People's Liberation Army weapons and equipment changes and development: from the mule-oriented to the mechanization, from mechanization to the electronics.

As an important component of the National Day celebration, 1949, 1999, The People's Republic of China has held 13 times the National Day parade. From the founding ceremony of the "10000 Country Brand", "mule team" to the National Day military parade on the 50th anniversary of China-made new weapons, new equipment, a parade road, witness the growth of the Republic and the people's army.

Running time: 56 Minuets

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