Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards - Volume 2: Muscles of the Human Body

BIEL Andrew [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780982978689

Books of Discovery 2010 5th Edition

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 Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards - Volume 2: Mus (Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards - Volume 2: Muscles of the Human Body)

Flashcards are a powerful way to learn and memorize anatomical structures - especially when they have images identical to those in the textbook. Repetition aids retention!

Volume 2 covers the muscles of the human body with 189 cards. These flashcards cover the following chapters in Trail Guide to the Body:

> Shoulder/Arm
> Forearm/Hand
> Spine/Thorax
> Head/Neck
> Pelvis/Thigh
> Leg/Foot

Features of these flashcards include:
> Beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations in a two-color format
> A list of the Action, Origin, Insertion and Nerve innervation (AOIN) of each muscle
> Pronunciation of each muscle
> Page references in the bottom corner for finding more information in Trail Guide to the Body
> Quick symbols in the upper right-hand corner
> Call-out letters (a, b ,c ,d) next to each structure to help you identify the specific structure in question
> Binder ring that lets you organize cards to study only those you need
> Durable, coated cards (5 1/2" x 4') that are easy to handle and made to last

Boxed set (150 x 110 x 55mm) containing 189 flashcards

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