Experiencing Chinese: Elementary School Teacher's Book 2

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ISBN: 9787040253634

Higher Education Press 2010 1st Edition

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★ The teaching steps in the book are explained clearly, and easy to follow, the content is rich. It’s not only a Teacher Manual but also a handy book with reference materials for teaching. ★ The book has all the pictures in the Student Book, Volume One (appearing on the odd pages, in the dotted line framed section) so that the teacher can start teaching as soon as he has the book in hand. ★ The book provides all the recording scripts and keys to the Exercises in the Student Book, Vol. 1 as well as a test for the final semester exam. ★ Every lesson in the book has a certain number of supplementary activities as well as the Activity Page. The goal of which is to help teachers select the teaching content flexibly and arrange classroom instruction based on the students’ Chinese level and the actual teaching situation. ★ Each page in the book has reserved blank space so that the teacher can make notes while planning the lessons. ★ The book is not hard bound, which is to enable the teacher to make copies off the Activity Pages in the back of the book. ★ The book is bilingual, written in both Chinese and English so that the teacher whose native language is English can also use it.

280 x 210 mm

241 pp

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