Touch of Awareness: An Exploration into Intuitive Shiatsu

McCLELLAND Russell [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780646561912

Russell McClelland 2011 1st Edition

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 Touch of Awareness: (Touch of Awareness:)

Touch of Awareness explores one of our most powerful allies in the quest for enlightenment. Understanding the communications of the universe can guide our days and reveal the depth of our true nature. When we bring our intuitive ability to consciousness and give it value, we have the means to receive the universal knowledge that has always been available to each and every one of us. In the book, Touch of Awareness, Russell uses the art of Shiatsu as the primary vehicle to explore our intuitive ability and calls on many years study of Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, traditional cultures and the martial art of Aikido to examine the essence of our connection with the matrix of the universe. A unique approach to the mechanism and manifestation of intuitive understanding: of direct understanding beyond the influence of the thinking mind. Russell McClelland left the family farm more than twenty years ago to immerse himself in the study of shiatsu, meditation, aikido and yoga. The study of these arts led him into an exploration of several spiritual philosophies, including Buddhism, Taoism and Shamanic based traditions. In conjunction with this exploration Russell has travelled and studied in many cultures throughout the world on a journey of self discovery in a quest to understand the human condition. Understanding intuition has become a central theme in his endeavours to understand what it is to be human and his book Touch of Awareness is a result of this exploration. Russell holds qualifications in several body work modalities including remedial, Thai, relaxation massage and seitai, as well as transpersonal counselling and is a registered nurse. Currently he teaches Shiatsu at the Australian Shiatsu College in Melbourne, Australia, and is engaged in building Nin Gen Do (way of being human) in north east NSW with his partner and fellow practitioners. This will be a place for practitioners and students to deepen their practice of shiatsu, aikido, yoga and meditation in a traditional uchi deshi (live in student) environment.

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