Chinese Veterinary Herbal Handbook: 216 Most Commonly Used Veterinary Herbal Formulas

HUISHENG Xie [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781934786352

Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine 2011 3rd Edition

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 Chinese Veterinary Herbal Handbook: (Chinese Veterinary Herbal Handbook)

This work presents 212 of the most commonly used herbal formulas for veterinary applications. Chapter 1 provides a quick selection based on clinical conditions; Chapter 2 is sorted by zang fu syndrome. Chapter 3 addresses each formula based on functional category, and includes indications (Western and traditional), contraindications, warnings, dosage, directions for use, principles of treatment, classical antecedent, ingredients (unmeasured) and actions. Chapter 4 is a review of basic knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine. The format uses tables and outline to efficiently deliver critical information regarding each formula. It includes 42 newly developed Chinese herbal formulas, twenty new tables and five charts to help readers quickly find formulas for specific conditions, patterns, or diseases.


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