Children English-Chinese Encyclopedia Illustrated Dictionary 儿童英汉百科图解词典

ISBN: 9787560032221

Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press 2004

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 Children English-Chinese Encyclopedia Illustrated  (Children English-Chinese Encyclopedia Illustrated Dictionary 儿童英汉百科图解词典)

Human Body 人体
Clothing 衣服
Mealtime 吃饭时间
Vegetables 蔬菜
Fruits and Berries 水果
Plants and Gardens 植物和花园
Animals 动物
Earth and Sky 天与地
Transportation 交通
Homes and Buildings 住宅与建筑
Furnishings 家具摆设
Kitchen 厨房
Bathroom 浴室
School 学校
Numbers, Letters and Shapes 数字,字母和形状
Everyday Objects 日常物品
Music 音乐
Sports 体育
Games and Toys 游戏和玩具
Costumes and Characters 服装和角色
Index 索引


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