The Art of Pulse Diagnosis: A Step-by-Step Exploration of Method, Directionality, Organ Energetics, Complement Channel Pulses, Textures, and Images

CECIL-STERMAN Ann [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780983772019

Classical Wellness Press 2016 1st Edition

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 The Art of Pulse Diagnosis: (The Art of Pulse Diagnosis:)

This is the first book of its kind, The Art of Pulse Diagnosis From the Author of the acclaimed 'Advanced Acupuncture' contains a detailed step-by-step exploration of method for the practice of Chinese Medical pulse diagnosis. Includes descriptions of pulse qualities/images, organ function as described in the pulses, the concept of dynamic and directional pulses and pulses for all the channels of acupuncture. (This book includes the entire text, Dynamic Pulses by the same author, introducing the ancient, remarkable practice of Dynamic Directional Pulses in writing for the first time.)

"This is a wonderful work. Ann Cecil-Sterman has been writing methodical clinical manuals assembled from her study of the oral tradition of Jeffrey Yuen and her own busy practice. This time, she focuses upon the topic of pulse diagnosis. She is clear and concise, providing a detailed approach to this method. The images contained herein elucidate many areas that have long proven to be confusing for learners. Her years of work capturing these oral transmissions is to be commended. At long last, this tradition will be available for generations to come."
-William Morris, PhD, DAOM, author of Li Shi-Zhen's Pulse Studies, An Illustrated Guide.

"All holistic systems of medicine contain at their core a deep awareness that the human body consists of more than just fluids and tissue and bone. Chinese medicine specifically views the body as a hierarchically organized fusion of spirit, energy and matter. No treatment should ever be administered without considering the body's energetic planes first. Among the various modalities of Chinese medicine, pulse diagnosis once reigned supreme as a direct way to perceive energetic imbalances. This book represents a practical and sensitive introduction to the complex topic of Oriental pulse diagnosis that makes this waning art accessible. Another valuable contribution to the profession by Ann Cecil-Sterman!"
-Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc, Founding Professor, School of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon.

Over 100 diagrams/illustrations/paintings. Foreword by Dr Linda Puckette


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