Restoring Order in Health and Chinese Medicine: Studies of the Development and use of Qi and the Channels

BIRCH Stephen,MIR Miguel Angel Cabrer, CUADRAS Manuel Rodriguez [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9788492470273

La Liebre de Marzo 2014 1st Edition

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 Restoring Order in Health and Chinese Medicine: (Restoring Order in Health and Chinese Medicine:)

Barcelona - Jade Stone Group / La Liebre de Marzo has published their first joint book. This is a detailed edited book with contributions from very experienced practitioners about qi, its development and uses and the jingmai or meridians/channels of acupuncture. It presents a very in-depth study with contributions from seven authors, Stephen Birch from Holland, Miguel Angel Cabrer Mir and Manuel Rodriguez Cuadras from Spain, Dianne Sommers from Holland, Chip Chace and Dan Bensky from the US and Mark Bovey from the UK. The foreword by Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée makes it clear that this book is a must for all students and practitioners of qi related disciplines and those interested in studying qi related practices. The concepts of qi and jingmai are central for the development and practice of medical systems like acupuncture, herbal medicine, and massage. Qi is a central concept in a number of self-development traditions from Asia, including Taiji quan, Qigong, and Aikido. The contributors have drawn from a wide range of scholarly literature, original sources and many years of experience using these different practice methods to expose the history, development, nature, practical understanding and uses of these concepts, seeking the central core focus that guides their use in such a broad range of practice traditions. The cultivation of the practitioner is a central theme found in the early literature and highlighted throughout these chapters. In addition the last two chapters focus on practical exercises that help develop the inner skills of the practitioner so that they are better able to utilise qi in clinical practice. This book will help both the student and seasoned practitioner deepen their understanding and uses of these traditional concepts.

About the Authors

Stephen Birch is an internationally renowned practitioner, teacher, author and researcher on acupuncture. He has practiced Japanese acupuncture for over thirty years, currently in Amsterdam, Holland, and authored seven books on acupuncture. He teaches extensively around Europe and in other countries like Australasia and has been involved in research on acupuncture since the late 1980s, with dozens of scientific publications. Stephen is also a senior instructor of the advanced Japanese traditional acupuncture system, Toyohari.

Miguel Angel Cabrer Mir is a long-standing practitioner and teacher of Taiji quan (around thirty years), working in Barcelona, Spain. He has also practiced acupuncture, specialising in Japanese acupuncture for over ten years and does some teaching of acupuncture.

Manuel Rodriguez Cuadras has a long history of involvement with martial arts (Aikido, Judo, Qigong, Iaido) and has been studying and practicing Chinese medicine and Chinese and Japanese acupuncture in Barcelona, Spain for more than twenty years. He has authored several books in Spanish on acupuncture and is a well-known teacher in Spain, teaching also in South America.

Dianne Sommers has practiced acupuncture for around thirty years, currently in Amsterdam, Holland. Dianne is a sinological scholar, translating and explaining the Neiye for her masters’ degree and is a well-known teacher in Holland.

Chip Chace has practiced Chinese medicine and acupuncture for over thirty years in Boulder, Colorado, and has written or translated many books on Chinese medicine/acupuncture. He has been involved in self-cultivation traditions for many years and is a well-known international teacher. Chip has a long-standing practice to research the classical texts.

Dan Bensky has practiced Chinese medicine and acupuncture for around forty years in the US, principally in Seattle, Washington. He has written a number of landmark books in the fields of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and is an internationally renowned teacher and scholar of Chinese medicine. He has also completed graduate studies focusing on the classical texts of China.

Mark Bovey has practiced acupuncture for around thirty years in Oxford, UK. He has been the manager of the ARRC, the research division of the British Acupuncture Council for many years, and is an acknowledged expert on acupuncture research. He has published a number of research papers on acupuncture and is a faculty member at the Integrated College in Reading, UK.

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