Mastering Pregnancy Massage (DVD)

ISBN: 0182064000216

Real Bodywork 1st Edition

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 Mastering Pregnancy Massage (DVD) (Mastering Pregnancy Massage (DVD))

This is the most comprehensive pregnancy massage DVD, one of our best sellers! Filled with hundreds of techniques, this detailed, more than 3 hours program will help you become a skilled pregnancy massage practitioner. Clearly filmed and enhanced with computer graphics, this DVD will lead you step by step through every aspect of Pregnancy Massage from beginning to end. This program also includes client intake and physician referral forms that you can print out on your computer, and use in your practice.

DVD content
Running time 3 hrs 13 minutes
Benefits & Contraindications (25 min)
Client intake (21 min)
Draping/Positioning (23 min)
General Side posture massage (36 min)
General Semi-reclining massage (12 min)
Back Pain techniques (20 min)
Shortness of Breath (11 min)
Sciatica (12 min)
Constipation (6 min)
Leg Cramps (8 min)
Labor Preparations (2 min)
Nausea/Morning Sickness (3 min)
Edema (9 min)
Diastasis Recti (5 min)
+ Client intake & referral forms on the DVD

Running Time 3 hours 13 minutes

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