Ear Seeds Chart Kit: Memory Earseeds

ISBN: 0040232197895 2015 1st Edition

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 Ear Seeds Chart Kit: Memory Earseeds (Ear Seeds Chart Kit: Memory Earseeds)

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An EARSEED is made by using a Vaccaria seed that is placed on the reflex point of the ear. It encourages the flow of energy into the body affecting us mentally and physically.

> Assists with Memory, attention and decision making
> Assists with the inability to concentrate
> Manages feelings of obsession and worry
> Calms the mind
> Helps to alleviate stress, and helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety and insomnia
> Brings the whole body back into balance

Each Earseed Kit contains:
1) Ear Chart showing auriculo-therapy points that correspond to regions of the body associated with: Memory
2) 120 ear seeds
3) Stainless steel tweezers
TGA Approved

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