Ear Seeds Chart Kit: Menopause Earseeds

ISBN: 0040232197871 2015 1st Edition

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 Ear Seeds Chart Kit: Menopause Earseeds (Ear Seeds Chart Kit: Menopause Earseeds)

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OUT OF PRINT : LAST REMAINING STOCK Ear Acupuncture or Auricular therapy treats and prevents various health disorders by stimulating certain acupuncture points on the OUTSIDE of the ear. This part of the ear is called the auricle which is composed of a plate of plastic cartilage, fat and connective tissue supplied by many nerves. When there is a disorder with internal organs or various parts of the body, various reactions may appear on the Auricle such as discoloration and tenderness. These ‘tender’ spots are called reflex points.

An EARSEED is made by using a Vaccaria seed that is placed on the reflex point of the ear. It encourages the flow of energy into the body affecting us mentally and physically.

> Assists with the Symptoms of Menopause
> Helps to calm the mind
> Alleviates hot flushes and sweating
> Alleviates stress, symptoms of anxiety and insomnia
> Assists with diminished libido
> Helps with Irritability
> Regulates, harmonizes and nourishes the body

Each Earseed Kit contains:
1) Ear Chart showing auriculo-therapy points that correspond to regions of the body associated with: Menopause
2) 120 ear seeds
3) Stainless steel tweezers
TGA Approved

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