CoQ-10 CoEnzyme Q10: ConceptShen Male Fertility Range

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 CoQ-10 CoEnzyme Q10: (CO-ENZYME Q10 (Single bottle))

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Actions: Restores sperm quality (Morphology and Motility) in males. It also helps with DNA and oxidative damage in both sperm and eggs. Can also be used to help with poor egg quality in females. Also used for energy production, cardiovascular health, cognitive decline prevention, anti-aging and used to help with side effects of certain medications.
Poor sperm morphology and overall quality
Low percentage of forward progressive and rapid progressive sperm
Poor morphology & Oxidative damage to sperm
Recently been proven to assist with egg quality in females due to preventing oxidation
Helps with mitochondria function
Helps with cardiovascular health
Helps prevent cognitive decline
Enhances energy production
Helps with the side effects of certain medications

Bio- Enhanced Oil Based
Co-Enzyme Q10 (Ubidecarenone)- 100mgs
50 Tablets

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