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 Conceive: (Conceive (Single bottle))

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Actions: This formula, also known as 'Obtaining Birth Elixir', is used to regulate the liver, harmonize energy flow, sooth stuck emotions, nourish the blood, and to simultaneously regulate & rectify the body’s ability to conceive.
Indications: Mild Endometriosis, period pain without dark clotted menstrual blood, irregular periods, PMS, irritability, breast tenderness, fluctuations in appetite, loose stools and or constipation, fluctuations of emotions or any symptoms aggravated by emotional upset.
This formula is also a uterine tonic to enhance conception, pre-IVF procedures, soothe the emotions and to balance the body’s natural cycle so that conception can take place.

This formula is used to enhance conception and help those who have been trying to conceive for a period of time.
60 Tablets

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