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 Relief (Relief (ConceptShen Female Fertility Range))

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Endometriosis, period pain, dark clotted menstrual blood, irregular periods, irritability, breast tenderness, fluctuations in appetite, loose stools and or constipation, fluctuations of emotions or any symptoms aggravated by emotional upset.
Contraindications & Interactions:
Do not use this formula in pregnancy. Conceive is a safe formula to use if there is a possibility of pregnancy, but you still want to address PMS symptoms. Use with Caution for those on blood thinning medications

This formula is used to treat stagnation of Liver Qi leading to Blood Stagnation with symptoms of pain. It relieves pain by dispersing the circulation of Blood and Qi in the Liver and assisting with proper blood flow & circulation into the pelvic cavity.
60 Tablets

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