Samurai Shiatsu: Fit for School with Shiatsu

KALBANTER-WERNICKE Karin and WERNICKE Thomas [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9783943324341

Kiener Press 2014 1st Edition

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 Samurai Shiatsu: Fit for School with Shiatsu (Samurai Shiatsu:)

This book contains a practical exercise programme specifically developed for children aged five to twelve years, which uses movement and builds multi-sensory perceptiveness. The exercises promote health and well-being, improve concentration and promote good posture. The programme is clearly structured and designed so that students can perform the exercises independently and effectively after a relatively short time.

Brother and sister Kooko and Hanako live in Japan and attend a Samurai School. Their homework task is to develop a Shiatsu exercise programme to strengthen their backs and improve concentration. Eagerly, Kooko and Hanako rise to the challenge. They present their exercises in this booklet.

The programme is described in detail, exercises are easily understood and illustrated with beautiful ink drawings. The drawings of each exercise are put together in a poster so it can be displayed in the classroom or bedroom. In this way it acts as a reminder to practise regularly.

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