The 'Mystical' TCM Triple Energizer: Its Elusive Location and Morphology Defined (Paperback edition)

GORDON Louis [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781524516925

Xlibris Corporation 2016 1st Edition

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 The ''Mystical'' TCM Triple Energizer: (The Mystical TCM Triple Energizer:)

The Mystical TCM Triple Energizer discusses in depth the newly discovered organ system called the Primo Vascular System (PVS), and introduces incredible new research findings regarding the properties of the omnipresent Connective-Tissue Metasystem.

This book delves into the properties of solar-derived biophotons at the cellular level and how the physical and chemical properties of water are just as mysterious as the Sanjiao, which just happens to be the minister of all the waterways throughout the entire body.

The Nan Jing teaches that the water-ways of the entire body originate from the Triple Burner, and the biological and energic influences throughout the entire body are transformed from water. Subsequently, you will learn that the Sanjiao is actually the omnipresent hydroelectric power station that is ubiquitous throughout the body, producing numerous liquids and fluids (sweat, blood, lymph, interstitial fluid, tears, pancreatic juice, perspiration, urine, saliva, semen, gastric juices, fingerprint oil etc) and numerous forms of energy (qi) that engender 'life'.

This book elucidates the actual location, composition, and morphology of the Triple Energizer as expressed by modern scientific discovery, and evidence is presented to show how the Triple Energizer functions to produce numerous forms of energy (Qi) and fluid types, and why it has remained hidden all this time. TCM practitioners who believe that the Triple Burner has "name but no form" will be truly amazed as to its actual location and its actual form. Numerous other practical TCM concepts are also discussed in this book.

From the age of 8, Louis Gordon was entertaining local kids with his chemical experiments, making luminous paints, rockets, smoke bombs, and Hydrogen balloons fitted with a fuse that exploded 300 m up, causing what resembled a sonic boom that shook windows and brought mothers racing outside to see what the explosion was. Louis graduated from USQ as a Biological Laboratory Technician, and later, while working in government chemistry and bacteriological laboratories in his early twenties, Louis expanded his education to include classical philosophical concepts associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into his scientific repertoire.

Louis demonstrates that ancient Chinese philosophers were truly knowledgeable when it came to understanding exactly what makes the human body tick. Ancient Chinese philosophers discussed in eloquent detail what modern scientific researchers are only now uncovering thousands of years later, for example the Primo Vascular System (PVS) and taste receptors located away from the tongue on sperm and the anus e.g. Louis has always believed that the Sanjiao was a real organ especially as it is referred to as ‘origin’. Louis has utilised scientific discovery to verify that the Sanjiao is a hydroelectric power station dispersed throughout the entire body that converts bulk water into energized Exclusion Zone (EZ) water that acts as batteries and pumps.

After over three decades of scientific research and thanks to the ancient philosophical literary classic the Nan Ching, Louis marries ancient Chinese philosophy and modern western medical science and provides concrete proof of the physical existence of the Triple-Energizer Metasystem and defines its intricate location, morphology, and how it works.


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