Beautiful & Healthy YOU!: Anti-aging and Longevity Secrets of the Ancients Revealed (Paperback edition)

BURTON Joanna [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780646951898

Joanna Burton 2016 1st Edition

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 Beautiful & Healthy YOU!: (Beautiful & Healthy You!:)

If you've ever wanted to look years younger without spending a fortune, live well into your 60s, 80s, 90s and beyond, in great health and with great vitality, you're in luck.
Joanna M. Burton, author of 'Beautiful & Healthy YOU!', goes deeply into the classics and reveals the ancient Oriental secrets. You will find timed honoured health and beauty practices you can use for yourself to greatly improve your wellbeing, enhance your beauty naturally, and best of all, increase your life span, allowing you to reach a ripe, old age, without losing function due to degenerative diseases.
Joanna's book, Beautiful & Healthy YOU!, will show you how to unlock the keys to optimal health, long life and glowing beauty.

You will discover:
* How and what to eat, according to seasons, to keep in balance with earthly energy.
* How to use acupressure to improve the acuity of your senses and their related organs.
* Nifty tricks of developing a strong immunity, increase your endurance, balance your hormones and simply enjoy a much happier life.
* How to assess your own health and destiny with Chinese Face Reading.
* How to achieve lifelong radiant, healthy skin and hair, and look years younger than your chronological age.
* The value of trans-dermal therapy, using medicinal herbal baths and much, much more.
Those of you who access the information in these books, about the simple health-preserving, life- nourishing routines, will have the possibility to build a strong body, to resist illness.

“An essential read as part of the 3 part series by Joanna M. Burton. This is easy to read, and comprehensive in its tips and knowledge. Written by a practitioner with a lifetime of experience in various modalities Excellent” Sara Casey PhD, Griffith University Brisbane

“Pack with information, Beautiful & Healthy You!, is a must read for those looking to recharge their depleted energy, to rejuvenate, or simply to live happier, more fulfilling lives. This book will guide you there.” Ewa Rygielski, Published Author, Drake Village.

“What can I say but ”WOW!” Fantastic Book could not stop reading till finished. Lots of information that did not know and have learnt now. This books shows That Joanna is a rare compassionate person sharing her knowledge” Hannelore Heilmeir
Registered Nurse

About the Author
Joanna M.Burton- Medical Scientist, PhD Candidate, Physiotherapist, Aesthetician and Teacher, changed her career path after she migrated to Australia, where she became a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner specializing in Japanese Acupuncture. Specialises in holistic healing, anti-aging, and longevity.Joanna became interested in the health industry over 30 years ago when working with children who were suffering from spinal misalignment. Prior to this Joanna was a teacher of 6 years. Joanna’s Diversity in education and experience has allowed her to see the big picture, enabling her to integrate, health and beauty, while combining her western and oriental medicine knowledge.
Joanna was officially proclaimed by Worldwide Who's Who as an entrepreneur of the year and was included in the Worldwide Publishing 19th Edition Registry of Empowering Professionals, Executives and Entrepreneurs around the Globe. Her busy clinic has been the winner of the National Salon of Excellence Award- best Sole Practitioner Establishment.


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