Acupuncture Laser Kit: Handy Cure Laser


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 Acupuncture Laser Kit: Handy Cure Laser (Pulse Handy Cure Low Level Laser (with probe))

The Acupuncture laser kit includes one Handy Cure Laser and one specialised acupuncture probe. This offers a unique synergy of three light wavelengths, delivered simultaneously and targeted to the source of pain in a super-pulsed beam. It is lightweight, comfortable to hold, compact and portable.
The Handy cure laser features include:
*Super pulsed infrared laser diode 905nm wavelength
*4 Visible Red LEDs 635nm
*4 Infrared LEDs 875nm
*Static Magnetic Induction
*905nm x3 pre-programmed Frequency Modes, set for different conditions and types of pain from acute inflammation and injury to chronic pain *Frequencies - Mode Variable pulses between 1000-2500Hz (All Pain), Mode 50Hz (Acute Pain), Mode 5Hz (Chronic Pain)
*Specialised easy to fit, fine-point Acupuncture probe
Only available at China Books

Long-lasting rechargeable li-ion battery
2 Year Warranty Including Battery
Laser device made in Israel
905nm laser diode component made in Germany

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