Lu's Commentaries of History 吕氏春秋 (中文版上 下)

Lu, Buwei, Tang, Bowen [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787101081206

Foreign Languages Press 2010

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 Lu''s Commentaries of History 吕氏春秋 (中文版上 下) (Lu''s Commentaries of History 吕氏春秋 (中文版))

战国末期秦相吕不韦召集门客集体编纂的一部著作,全书分为十二纪、八览、六论共160篇,体现了秦统一六国前夕的哲学和政治思想新趋势,保存了大量先秦史料和科学文化方面的珍贵资料。 This is a complete translation of Liu's Commentaries of History (Lu Shi Chun Qiu), an ancient classic compiled in 239 B.C. by Lu Buwei, the Prime Minister of the state of Qin, who collected and arranged the writings of his "house guests" or followers into a book. The writings represented his ideas and aimed to serve as a guide to government for the Qin ruler. Dealing with a wide range of subjects in more than 203,000 words, the book is one of the longest of the early Chinese classics and an encyclopedic compendium of early Chinese thought and civilization

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