Autism and Acupuncture: For Parent and Practitioner

SCOTT Julian [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781999801106

Portway Press 2017 1st Edition

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 Autism and Acupuncture: (Autism and Acupuncture:)

For the first time, a clear description of the unique perspective of Chinese medicine on Autism, how it develops, and how (and when) it can be helped. The ideas are presented in a way that parents can easily understand, while at the same time providing enough detail for the experienced practitioner. This book is for parent and practitioner, and is written to help autistic children and their parents. It explains the broad vision of Chinese Medicine, and how it incorporates all aspects of life - Joy, Sadness, Energy and Exhaustion. Enthusiasm and Boredom.

THE PARENT will find a clear explanation of the many factors which contribute to autism, and will find that it is not so mysterious after all. There is a whole chapter devoted to self-help.
THE PRACTITIONER will find enough detail to enable effective support and treatment, together with an understanding of likely outcomes.

Chapter headings
Chapter 1 – Patterns of the Spectrum
Chapter 2 – The mind, Shen 神, and its Working
Chapter 3 – The Patterns in more Detail
Chapter 4 – The Causes
Chapter 5 – Help at Hand - Treatments and Results
Chapter 6 – Some Common Symptoms
Chapter 7 – Self-help
Appendix – Needle Technique

Julian has been treating children with acupuncture and herbs for more than 40 years. He is the author, with Teresa Barlow, of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children and other books. He has given courses in many countries in Europe and elsewhere. At present he has a practice in Bath, England.

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