Balance Method Poster

POLAK Guy, FROMM Adi [Other titles by this author]


2017 1st Edition

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 Balance Method Poster (Balance Method Poster)

Balance Method Poster contains the summary of the mirror and imaging, the Matrix table, all 12 structures and the yin yang wu xing table.
A must-have for all Balance Method practitioners!

The Balance Method is an effective, powerful and easy to learn method, developed by Dr. Richard Tan.

Guy and Adi are experienced acupuncture practitioners with over 15 years of experience, both of whom hold Dr Richard Tan's Gold Member certificate as Balance Method practitioners. Their pioneering work in integrating Chinese Medicine in Israel has been widely recognised and has become a model for integrating Chinese medicine in modern hospitals. They established the Israeli Tan Centre - the first official centre in the world for treatment, research, development, and teaching of the Balance Method - with the blessings and guidance of Dr Tan. Guy and Adi have treated patients across a variety of wards and dislipines; Orthopedics, Gastro, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Urology, Physiology, Gynecology, Maternity

Extract 1-Balance Methods
Extract 2- High Blood Pressure
Extract 3- Image principle

'This is a very, very good book and it will be read cover to cover and used as a reference repeatedly. In summary this book is a great improvement on the work begun by Richard Tan. If you are fascinated by alternative interpretations of pulse diagnosis and the web that connects the meridians and if you are interested in improving your understanding of the six systems, then this book will intrigue.' Kevin Ryan

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267 pp

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