Asia's Orthographic Dilemma

HANNAS William C. [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780824818920

Hawaii University Press 1997 1st Edition

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 Asia''s Orthographic Dilemma (Cover Image)

With the advent of computers and the rise of East Asian economies, the complicated character-based writing systems of East Asia have reached a stage of crisis that may be described as truly millennial in scope and implications. In what is perhaps the most wide-ranging critique of the sinographic script ever written, William C. Hannas assesses the usefulness of Chinese character-based writing in East Asia today. 'An engagingly written, exhaustive treatment of the use of Chinese characters in East Asia that makes a useful addition to the literature. It tackles the issue from many different perspectives, along the way deflating several popular fallacies...and presents a principled engagement with scholarship on the topics discussed' - Journal of Asian Studies. '... Dr. Hannas' work is a veritable frontal assault with unambiguous, theory-motivated definitions, cold probing, and, finally, pointed assessments and predictions ... All in all, this book is engaging and inspiring, and it has certainly succeeded in debunking some deep-rooted convictions about Chinese characters. The author's scholarship is admirable, although his interpretations are at times exotic' - China Review International, Spring 2001.


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