*New Chinese Course/Xinbian Hanyu Jiaocheng, Book 1

HUANG Zheng Cheng [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787801030405

Commercial Press International

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 *New Chinese Course/Xinbian Hanyu Jiaocheng

A New Chinese Course is an elementary Chinese course. It consists of two volumes (Book 1 and Book 2), with 3,000 basic words, over 300 grammar items and 1,500 basic Chinese characters. Each volume is designed for 125-200 class-hours in an academic year. The course aims at enabling learners to communicate in Chinese for day-to-day needs and social interaction, for furthering language study and assisting them to achieve a certain level of proficiency. A New Chinese Course was compiled on the basis of the success of similar textbooks and on recent advances in language teaching and research. It is very contemporary (phrases like 'information super highway' have been incorporated into the lessons), and the social situations used are constructed around modern Chinese life.

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