Essence Spirit Blood & Qi

LARRE Claude & ROCHAT DE LA VALLEE Elisabeth [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781872468181

Monkey Press 1999 1st Edition

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 Essence Spirit Blood & Qi (View larger image)

'Fulfilling your destiny is just guiding your life with essences, spirits and qi according to the great rule of cosmic animation as expressed in yourself.' Essence, spirit, blood and qi are the fundamental and indispensable elements comprising life in a human being. Their individual qualities and their interactions one with another determine the pattern for all the movements of life, mirroring those of the cosmos. This book explores these ideas, considers each of the substances and presents the authors' insight and observations rooted in scholarship and philosophical reflection. The book begins with a description of duality and oneness in the Chinese system, beginning with yin and yang, heaven and earth, and going on to essence and spirit, blood and qi. The following section looks more closely at the jing (essence), with a study of the character which draws parallels with the idea of the weaving loom, the essences acting as the warp on which the pattern of an individual life is woven. The text goes on to describe the essences in their relationship to the tastes, jingwei, and with the spirit, jingshen, and the relationship between jing and shen. A presentation of qi and blood and their inter-relationships from the classical texts makes up the second part of the book. Sprinkled with classical quotes, and with a clear index, this book serves as an indispensable reference book for these basic concepts of Chinese medicine.

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