Simplified Tai Chi Chuan & Applications- Simplified 24 Postures with Applications & Standard 48 Postures (DVD)

LIANG Shou-Yu (D0630) [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781594390630

Yang Martial Arts (YMAA) 2006 1st Edition

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 Simplified Tai Chi Chuan & Applications- Simplifie (View larger image)

Better Health in 20 Minutes a Day! Learn two of the most popular forms of Tai Chi Chuan, the ancient Chinese martial art which is often described as 'moving meditation' The 'simplified' 24-posture form is taught and demonstrated by Master Liang Shou-Yu, with martial fighting applications. The form is shown from several angles, with breathing instructions. The Standard 48-posture form is also demonstrated. Detailed sections for both forms instruct each movement in the form, and offer 'guidelines' for refining your training. Chapter markers for each technique and extensive DVD navigation make it simple to find any posture on the DVD with just a couple clicks, so you can continue your study where you left off. In only 20 minutes a day, you can gain the health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan: increased strength and energy, better balance, and improved bodily awareness. Excellent for beginning students, those who want a low-impact alternative to jogging or aerobics, and those with limited time for exercise. This DVD complements the book Tai Chi Chuan: 24 Postures with Applications & 48 Posture Routine by Liang, Shou-Yu & Wen-Ching Wu. Special Features: >Over 100 Chapter sections >Narration: English or French >Multi-Language Menues and Subtitles: English, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, & French >History of Tai Chi Chuan section >Slide show of Master Liang demonstrating correct posture alignment

Duration: 150 minutes. In colour. Region 0 encoded: can play on NTSC & PAL. Multiple language subtitles.

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