Clinical Guide To Nutrition & Dietary Supplements In Disease Management

JAMISON Jennifer R. [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780443071935

Churchill Livingstone 2003 1st Edition

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This is a text which provides a contemporary approach to the use of lifestyle, herbal and nutritional interventions in health care. While conventional health care has long classified many nutritional and herbal remedies as folklore, there is increasing scientific evidence to support a number of 'old wives tales'. This book demonstrates the biological plausibility of using supplements in clinical care and supports the scientific validity of such interventions by referring to clinical trials. It provides the health professional with therapeutic protocols that can be used to manage or support other treatment regimes in promoting health, preventing and treating disease. The book is divided in to three parts. Part 1 considers the principles of nutritional intervention. Part 2 list prevalent diseases and provides a therapeutic protocol for their management. Part 3 lists nutrients (and some frequently used herbs) and seeks to catalogue the indications, doses, interactions and side effects that require consideration when providing safe and effective clinical care. Features: The text will provide readers with: >A grasp of how natural measures can be incorporated into scientifically acceptable clinical practice >An understanding of the biological plausibility underlying the use of certain natural interventions in disease >An appreciation of the level of scientific validation supporting various natural interventions >Enhanced understanding of guidelines for the safe use of nutrients >Therapeutic protocols using lifestyle, nutritional & herbal intervention for the prevention & management of various conditions >Increased awareness of natural options that deserve trialing in particular clinical situations

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