Laser Therapy a Clinical Manual

BLAHNIK Jennifer, RINDGE David [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780974757209

Healing Light Seminars, Inc. 2003 1st Edition

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 Laser Therapy a Clinical Manual (View larger image)

Low-level laser therapy is being used throughout Europe and Asia to treat pathologies ranging from acne and arthritis to fibromyalgia, neuralgia, tinnitus, and wounds. The authors have experimented with many different approaches in more than 30,000 treatments using therapeutic lasers, and through their experience have developed the clinically oriented and results-based system in this manual. The first portion of the text explains how lasers work, the parameters of laser therapy (wavelength/dosage/power), the physics of light in tissue, physiological effects, contraindications, special considerations, laser classifications, and treatment methods. The second portion prsents specific clinicall approaches for more than 40 conditions, with illustrations, point selction, dosage, and techniques.


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