Octupled Brocade/Ba Duan Jin (DVD)

YU Dinghai [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787884087044

Qiaojiaren (Beauty Culture Communication)

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 Octupled Brocade/Ba Duan Jin (DVD) (View larger image)

Ba Duan Jin (The Octupled Brocade) by Yu Dinghai from Shanghai Chinese Medicine College: A very important part for keeping in good health in China in the past. This set of Qigong practicing method is designed for viscera disease. The main points, usage, and purpose of the movement are mentioned in every sentence. Ba Duan Jin is gradually perfected and developed with the guidance of the traditional astrology theory. Chapters: (1) Introduction of the function. (2) Practicing methods (3) Analysis of the points.

Subtitles in Chinese and English

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