Cooking with Kids: Exploring Chinese Food, Culture, and Language (DVD)

ISBN: 9780977951222

Ni Hao Productions 2006 1st Edition

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 Cooking with Kids: Exploring Chinese Food

This DVD contains much more than just Chinese cooking! it is a wonderful glimpse into Chinese culture and language. Katya and her friend, Jade, visit the colorful and famous San Francisco Chinatown to shop for ingredients. Katya and her assistants, Nikolai and Wesley, then introduce common Chinese ingredients, cooking utensils, and make a delicious meal consisting of Egg Flower Soup, Stir-fried Chicken, and Almond Cookies. Great for families to watch and learn together! What sets this DVD apart is its creative and inventive way of introducing Chinese cooking, culture, and language. It's fast paced and upbeat, which makes it fun to watch! Even if you don't want to learn Chinese, this is a great DVD to get a flavor of the Chinese culture. Suitable for children 8-12 years.

DVD 30 minutes.

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