Ba Duan Jin: Chinese Health Qigong (DVD)

SUN Han Xiang [Other titles by this author]


Yulong Wushu-Tai Chi 2013 1st Edition

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 Ba Duan Jin: Chinese Health Qigong (DVD) (Ba Duan Jin: Chinese Health Qigong (DVD))

Why do QIgong? Qigong is an ancient Chinese health practice dating back 3000 years that aligns the breath and physical activity to promote mental emotional and physical well-being. It includes aspect of traditional Chinese medicine and the martial arts but its main emphasis is on preventing illness. Many people now regard Qigong as an essential component of their wellbeing, whether they are recovering from sickness or aiming to avoid it. Professor Sun Han Xiang (Lily), now based in Australia, has been practising Qigong for over forty years and is one of only two people outside CHina qualified as an examiner of the Chinese Wushu Association/.

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