Born Strong: From Surviving the Great Famine to Teaching Tai Chi to Millions

LAM Paul, BAWDEN-DAVIS Julie [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780992512828

East Acton 2015 1st Edition

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 Born Strong: From Surviving the Great Famine to Te (Born Strong: From Surviving the Great Famine to Teaching Tai Chi to Millions)

Bon Trong, meaning born strong, was the name given to Dr Lam by his father. Left in the care of his grandmother in China at the age of ten months, Dr Lam grew up under the cruel Communist regime. Narrowly escaping death by starvation during the Great Famine, he later escaped to Hong Kong. Leaving Hong Kong just before the 1966 Student Riots he won a scholarship to study Medicine in Australia, and began his new life as a family physician.
Malnutrition left him with the legacy of severe osteoarthritis, and he found tai chi not only helped him manage the condition, but improved every aspect of his life. His burning passion to help others led him to create the Tai Chi for Health programs, combining his western and Chinese medical knowledge with modern teaching methods.

“Anyone who has faced adversity will find comfort through reading it. Dr. Lam weaves a story regarding the power of the indomitable human spirit striving and succeeding in overcoming what appear as insurmountable obstacles. Poverty, starvation, murderous regimes, debilitating health issues, severe bullying, and vast cultural differences are just a few in a litany of challenges faced and met. An added bonus is that he provides readers with suggested ideas and skill sets that will allow them to cope with their personal challenges.
Ultimately, the book is really a love story for his aunt who sacrificed much for her nephew to succeed; his abiding love for family, both immediate and extended; and his passion for tai chi, a life-changing way of life. This story of love and excitement for life will touch readers to the very core of their being.

- B. Casey

“Faced with difficult obstacles throughout his life, Dr. Lam met each challenge with determination, courage, and hope. That combination brought him from starvation as a child the life of a family doctor in Australia and the creator of the Tai Chi for Health programs that have brought greater health to millions. This riveting story inspires each of us to embrace our lives and ask, "what more might I do to fulfill my life's purpose?”
- Dr. P. Kircher, MD

309 pp

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