Boya Chinese: Intermediate Spurt 2/Zhongji Chongcipian 2 (2nd Edition)

LI Xiaoqi (editor) [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787301252376

Beijing University Press 2006 2nd Edition

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 Boya Chinese: Intermediate Spurt 2/Zhongji Chongci (Boya Chinese: Intermediate Spurt 2/Zhongji Chongcipian 2 (Book + 2 audio CDs))

This textbook is the intermediate level of Boya Chinese and is suitable for the foreign students who have a vocabulary of 3000 words. Topics covering feelings, life, environments, society, culture etc. are selected from the perspective of happiness, anger, grief and joy of daily life. Differences between ancient China and contemporary China, differences between Chinese culture and Western culture are discussed. Each article is of apprximately 1500 words, with emphasis on combining language learning with language use. The functional items such as narration, description, support and rebut are ingeniously placed in each lesson. Preview and comprehensive exercises are designed specially for self-learners. After studying the two volumes in Intermediate Spurt, the student can expect to reach HSK levels 7 or 8.

260 x 185mm Book + 2 audio CDs

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