Therapeutic Lasers: Theory and Practice

BAXTER G. David [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780443043932

Churchill Livingstone 1994 1st Edition

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 Therapeutic Lasers: Theory and Practice (View larger image)

A book on laser therapy for student and qualified physiotherapists (and other clinical groups) which will also be of enormous interest and value to laser manufacturers and distributors. It provides a biophysical background to the use of laser devices in therapeutic applications. Critical reviews of current research findings (basic and clinical) are presented. It also presents the principles of safe and good practice with laser devices. The book is an invaluable reference source and guide to treatments which is both concise in format and comprehensive in scope. The author is a pioneer in the field and has lectured on the topic internationally. Features: >Provides a biophysical background to use of laser devices in therapeutic applications >Critically reviews current research >Presents principles of safe & good practice >Combines theory, research/reviews, as well as treatment guidelines in one source biophysical principles, calculation of dosages & optimum selection of irradiation parameters dealt with in detail

140 illustrations


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