As Others See Us 魔幻手机

NICOLA Prentis [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787561946558

Beijing Language & Culture University Press 2016

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 As Others See Us 魔幻手机 (As Others See Us 魔幻手机)

目录 People in the story/故事中的人物 6 Chapter 1 It's not fair!/这不公平!7 Chapter 2 It's amazing!/太棒了!12 Chapter 3 That's strange!/真奇怪!18 Chapter 4 What happened to the teacher?/老师怎么了?23 Chapter 5 I've lostit!/我把它弄丢了!32 Chapter 6 We'll be famous/我们会出名的36 Chapter 7 What's wrong with Amy?/埃米怎么了?41 Chapter 8 This isn't fun any more/这不再有趣46 Chapter 9 Who wants normal?/谁想回到常态?50 Chapter 10 Can we win?/我们能赢吗?58 Translation/参考译文64 Words&expressions/词汇与表达90

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