A Self-Study Course in Grass Script [Chinese Calligraphy Teach Yourself Series]

HUANG Quanxin [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787800524547


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The series is a well-formatted, well-illustrated, informative and fascinating series, with standard model characters and systematic theories for self-study. Each of six books consists of the following chapters: ‘A Brief Introduction’, ‘Techniques’, ‘Strokes’, ‘Radicals’, ‘Structure’, ‘The Art of Composition’, ‘Creation’, ‘Copying’, and ‘Appreciation’, which should help beginners learn the rudiments, and other learners improve their calligraphy techniques and skills. Chinese characters fall into a number of styles: regular, running, grass, official and seal scripts. Seal scripts may be divided into large and small characters; official scripts into Qin and Han styles; grass characters into Zhang (cursive official), Jin (modern) and Kuang (wild) scripts; and regular characters into Wei and Tang scripts. Chinese calligraphy not only reflects the character of individual calligraphers, but also presents the styles and flavours of different regions and eras.

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