Helping Ourselves: A Guide to Traditional Chinese Food Energetics (Revised & expanded edition)

LEGGETT Daverick [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780952464006

Meridian Press 2006 2nd Edition

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 Helping Ourselves: A Guide to Traditional Chinese  (View larger image)

Revised and updated edition! This new edition is 30% larger than the first and, as well as updated information on all foods, it includes:
> A significantly expanded list of foods
> A totally new section on the properties of 150+ Western medicinal herbs
> A guide to the properties of commonly used essential oils
> A new section on diagnosis

To the practitioner Helping Ourselves offers a comprehensive reference manual to turn to when offering guidance to clients. It is designed in an accessible format for direct clinical use. The structure reflects the logical progression of building the diagnostic picture. To the student Helping Ourselves offers a way into TCM that is tangible and directly applicable. The exploration of food energetics is one of the easiest ways to develop an understanding of TCM. To the client of oriental acupuncture, bodywork or herbalism Helping Ourselves is a manual to take home which offers a way of carrying treatments into daily life. It provides the self-help tool which so many clients ask for - a way of becoming more active in our own healing process.

The information in this manual 'does not offer a quick-fix or a guilt-trip or encourage sudden dietary revolution. It is offered as an opportunity to explore, to play, to learn. It is a tool for us to use to engage more consciously and skilfully with life'.

'The Chinese understand that in order to remain healthy, a good diet is of fundamental importance. Helping Ourselves is written clearly and simply so that it is easy to follow and use. It sets out the important general considerations of how to eat well, how to understand ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ foods, how taste affects us, and how best to support our individual health through diet. It will be of interest to all practitioners of Oriental medicine, to patients, and to anyone who wishes to gain insight into the profound effect that diet on their health.' - Angela Hicks, Co-Director of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, England

'There are other guides to Chinese dietary therapy on the market, but none that I have seen makes the subject so readily accessible' - Simon Fielding, European Journal of Oriental Medicine.

'The thing I most like about the presentation of this book is its simplicity. In the introduction the author says that the book is intended both as a learning resource for students and clients of traditional Chinese medicine and as a reference manual for practitioners. In my opinion it succeeds brilliantly in both instances: it explains Chinese energy concepts ... in terms that most lay people would understand' - Altair de Almeida, Traditional Acupuncture Society News

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