Chinese for TCM Practitioners: Everyday Phrases, Terminology, Characters, History (with 2 Audio CDs)

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ISBN: 9780975726402

Maru Chinese Medicine 2016 Revised edition

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 Chinese for TCM Practitioners: Everyday Phrases

New Edition A boon to practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - in their professional life and on visits to China!
Chinese for TCM Practitioners teaches simple spoken Chinese and the terminology of Chinese medicine. The language section is based on practical phrases used in everyday situations and in the clinic. The accompanying compact discs bring the spoken word to life and make learning Chinese a practical reality. Disc 1 covers basic Chinese, and Disc 2 covers TCM terminology.

A little familiarity with Chinese can make learning Chinese herbs and formulas so much easier. Names can indicate whether it is a root, a leaf or a flower, and formula names become more meaningful.

>Classic quotes & proverbs >A full glossary of all Channel acupoints >The Ten Stems & Twelve Branches >Chronological table of Chinese history >Historical milestones in TCM history Contents:
Section One: Theory >Chapter 1: Reading Pinyin >Chapter 2: Chinese Characters: History & Composition >Chapter 3: Chinese Characters: Strokes & Stroke Order >Chapter 4: Chinese Characters: Dictionary Usage >Chapter 5: Difficulties in Translation: Linguistic, Cultural & Social Differences Section 2: Common Words & Phrases >Chapter 6: Basic Sentence Structure: Questions & Statements >Chapter 7: Greetings >Chapter 8: Introductions: Professions, Nationalities, Age >Chapter 9: Family >Chapter 10: Visiting Friends & Dining >Chapter 11: Shopping >Chapter 12: In The Clinic >Chapter 13: Times, Dates & Appointments Section 3: TCM Terminology >Chapter 14: Fundamental Terms >Chapter 15: Diagnosis >Chapter 16: Treatment Principles & Diagnostic Patterns Section 4: Acupoints, Herbs, Formulas >Chapter 17: Acupuncture Point Names >Chapter 18: Herb Names >Chapter 19: Formula Names Section 5: Appendices >Appendix 1: Quotations, Proverbs & Common Sayings >Appendix 2: Glossary of Acupuncture Points >Appendix 3: Ten Stems & Twelve Branches >Appendix 4: Chronological Tables of Chinese History >Appendix 5: Historical Milestones: Notable Figures & Classic Texts >Bibliography >Index to Audio CDs ‘This textbook is obviously a work of love. It is a very well thought-out manual for gently escorting a Western Chinese medicine practitioner into and through what in the beginning is an overwhelming different world of Chinese language ... This book is an excellent tool for self-guided study ... There are very good explanations for the sounds involved in Mandarin, and importantly, a well-produced double audio CD set for the exercises ... When I was learning all those years ago, I would have loved to have had just the audio recording of the most common 70 acupuncture point names, yet here they are with the numbers, characters, pinyin and translation ... this excellent work is ... Highly recommended’Steven Clavey, The Lantern, Volume 2, #3, September 2005.

Includes audio compact discs x 2


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