Acupuncture Point Combinations: The Key to Clinical Success

ROSS Jeremy [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780443050060

Churchill Livingstone 1995 1st Edition

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 Acupuncture Point Combinations: The Key to Clinica (View larger image)

Covers the principles and practice of combining acupuncture enabling the practitioner to use a balanced and appropriate choice of points in the treatment of patients. It expands a practitioner’s repertoire and increases their skills in diagnosing patients. Information on the combination of the main points of the fourteen channels is covered; followed by summaries of specific point combinations for selected disease syndromes. Discussion of combining points according to dermatome theory and according to the energy centres of the body is also discussed, as is combining points for the mind and emotions, and for lifestyle and behaviour. No existing book covers this aspect of clinical practice in such thorough and wide-ranging detail. Features: >Covers the core knowledge of acupuncture practice & is of use to students as well as qualified practitioners >Wide coverage, from principles to their application in specific diseases enables acupuncturists to practice more effectively across a broad range of clinical situations & be able to treat more clients successfully >Has a clear format, easy-to-use checklist & good references Contents: Part 1: Theoretical principles of Point Combination: >Introduction >The Energy Body & the Energy Centres >The Origins of Diseases >The Ten Personality Types >Maintaining the Balance of Yin & Yang >Deficiency, Excess, Stagnation & Irregularity >How to Make Effective Combinations >Types of Points >Five Element Treatments >Eight Extra Vessels. Part 2: Point Combinations for the Main Acupuncture Points: Conception. Governor >Kidney >Bladder >Spleen >Stomach >Liver >Gallbladder >Heart >Small Intestine >Lung >Large Intestine >Pericardium >Triple Energizer Part 3: Point Combinations for Diseases: >Respiratory Systems >Circulatory & Related Syndromes >Locomotory Syndromes >Urinary & Oedema Syndromes >Male Sexual Syndromes >Gynaecological & Obstetric Syndromes >Eye, Ear & Facial Syndromes >Skin Syndromes >Psychological & Related Syndromes. Appendix. Index. Jeremy Ross is also the author of Zang Fu: The Organ Systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Combining Western Herbs & Chinese Medicine: Principles, Practice & Materia Medica - Using 50 Major Western Herbs According to the Principles of Western Tradition, Chinese Medicine & Phytopharmacology.

285 x 225mm; 70 illustrations


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