The Medical I Ching: Oracle of the Healer Within

SHIMA Miki [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780936185385

Blue Poppy Press 1992 1st Edition

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 The Medical I Ching: Oracle of the Healer Within (View larger image)

Chinese doctors of antiquity have strongly asserted a great many times that, 'Medicine is connected to the I Ching.' This might also be translated as 'Medicine is made intelligible by the I Ching,' or even, 'Medicine opens through the I Ching.' Sun Si-maio said, 'Without understanding the I Ching, it is not possible to become a supreme doctor (tai yi).' Zhang Jie-bin said, 'The theory of the Nei Jing is based on the theory of the I Ching.' And, 'If the theory of the I Ching is not clear, neither can one know the Nei Jing clearly.' Based on these statements, a literature developed in China called yi yi or medical I (Ching). This is exemplified in Tang Zong-hai’s Clarifying Words on Medicine and the I Ching; Li Yu-cun’s A Guide to the Reasoning of the Medical I Ching; and Shao Tong-zhen’s Medicine and the I Ching, One Theory amongst a number of other books. The importance of the I Ching in medicine is still reiterated today. Sifu Tsuei Wei has said, 'If the Nei Jing is the door to the treasure house of Chinese medical classics, then the I Ching is the key.' Now, with the publication of Dr. Miki Shima’s The Medical I Ching: Oracle of the Healer Within, perhaps the most clinically useful part of this medical I Ching literature is being introduced to the West. Dr. Janet Zand, ND, OMD says of this book, 'For the first time in English, Dr. Miki Shima has synthesized the age old wisdom of the I Ching and the vast body of Chinese medicine. I strongly recommend this exciting, original work.' And Grandmaster Sango Kobayashi says, 'I firmly believe that this volume is the first of its kind in the West and will further the understanding of this ancient book of wisdom. I have no problem in recommending Dr. Shima’s work on the I Ching to anyone interested in practicing medicine, Western or Oriental.' Finally, Peter Eckman, MD, PhD, comments, 'Dr. Shima... has presented us with a rather provocative work which serves to remind every practitioner of Oriental medicine that being a healer involves both sides of human consciousness - the intuitive as well as the rational.'

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