*Learn to Read Chinese, Volume 2

UNSCHULD Paul [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780912111476

Paradigm Publications 1st Edition

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 *Learn to Read Chinese

These two volumes teach the language of contemporary Chinese technical literature. The subject matter is Chinese medicine, and all 128 texts are excerpted from an introduction to Chinese medicine written by Qin Bowei, one of the founders of modern Chinese medicine and a medical writer. The work is a superb supplement for students of Chinese and an effective course of study for clinicians or scholars who require only the skills necessary to use Chinese technical periodicals, papers, and texts. The first volume teaches vocabulary, a completed transliteration in pinyin and a finished English translation accompany the Chinese. Contemporary simplified character discussions of the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine are provided. The second volume teaches analysis of Chinese texts by showing how to identify the basic statement of a sentence and the adjunct statements completing its meaning.

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