Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

WU Yan & FISCHER Warren [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780912111391

Paradigm Publications 1st Edition

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 Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medi (View larger image)

This text is based on the actual practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the medical centres of the People’s Republic of China. Over 100 general conditions are differentiated according to patterns, referenced to similar bio-medical conditions, and discussed in terms of etiology and pathogenesis. Treatment by acupuncture and moxibustion, individualised decotions or prepared formulas, and ancillary methods such as ear acupuncture, are described where such are considered important in modern Chinese practice. Formula amendations and auxiliary points are noted for specific clinical signs. The authors’ remarks clarify areas of integration with biomedicine and the subtle diagnostic clues that can make the difference between clinical success and failure. This is a no-nonsense clinical guide giving anyone who needs to know modern Chinese practice the precise, cross-referenced clinical information they require. Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an original text specifically written in Chinese for translation to English. Dr Wu Yan is a linguist and physician and Dr Fischer is a practitioner in British Columbia who was admitted to and graduated form a T.C.M. program usually reserved for native Chinese medical students. 'Practical Therapeutics is equally valuable for students, practitioners, and scholars. Students will appreciate the clear instructions and the useful clinical details. Practitioners will be pleased to find China’s specific clinical protocols, not merely general didactic models. Scholars will be pleased to discover the first English language treatment text produced to university standards.' - Cui Yueli, President, National Traditional Chinese Medical Association; and Professor Meng Shu, President, Peili University Acupuncture and Moxibustion College

255 x 175mm, bibliography, index, appendices

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