Listening to Cantonese: Basic Skills (Book & Audio CD)

LEE Phillip Yungkin [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9789622791992

Greenwood Press 2000 1st Edition

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 Listening to Cantonese: Basic Skills (Book & Audio (View larger image)

Basic Skills has 12 units and each unit introduces everyday Cantonese words in texts or listening tasks where the reader is asked to comprehend overall meanings. This is followed by corresponding speaking activities where the reader actually uses the language they have just heard. Features & Benefits: >CD technology allows instantaneous access to separate vocabulary & listening texts for more productive drills >Cantonese & English recordings by native speakers allows learners to learn vocabulary items without needing the text >Back-up links to Tapescript & Answer Key add value to listening exercises which make them ideal for self-study >Task-base approach to language learning simulates speaking activities after each listening exercise >120 illustrations serve as prompts for beginners to listen for meaning in everyday situations >Clear instructions & explanations in simple English >Index for quick reference of Cantonese language functions & grammar >Pronunciation practice in every unit for Cantonese sounds & tones to help students master the Yale system or romanisation. Basic Skills is supplemented by Listening to Cantonese: Themes.

Boxed set (216pp text & audio CD)


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