Ba Gua: Advanced & Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art

BRACY John & LIU Xinghan [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781556432767

North Atlantic Books 1998 1st Edition

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 Ba Gua: Advanced & Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist  (View larger image)

The Taoist yogic discipline of Ba Gua is an internal form of the ancient art of kung fu - as are the much older t'ai chi and Xing I. Ba Gua is the most arcane and yogic of three sister arts - t'ai chi and Xing I are the others - and is distinguished by serpentine turning and circling movements. As more people study t'ai chi and Qi Gong, major interest has focused in the techniques of Ba Gua for keeping the joints loose and enhancing deep breathing. In this history and instructional guide, John Bracy and Liu Xing-Han, the oldest living master of Ba Gua, describe Ba Gua's relationship to the I Ching and the relationship of Taoist yoga to the martial arts.

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