Treating Pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine

RILEY Dagmar [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9789121117125

Paradigm Publications 2003 1st Edition

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This book brings three important perspectives to the subject of treating pain: the experience and perspective of a Westerner trained and apprenticed in the PRC; a teacher-clinician specialising in traditional Chinese medicines; and an acupuncturist who is heir to generations of hands-on experience. Since it is also grounded in well-developed theoretical expertise, it is a thoroughly practical guide. The author, Dagmar Riley, studied Chinese traditional medicine with the book’s contributors at Beijing University. Dagmar was a scholarship student in the five year program of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation where she treated China’s national athletes. She is currently practising in Australia. Dr. Liu De-Quan brings to this text not only the acupuncture knowledge of his own vast day-to-day clinical experience but also the collective knowledge of his familial tradition. Dr. Zhang Chun-Rong contributes the perspective of a researcher and teacher of internal medicine. The combination results in a practical and theoretically precise clinical repertoire. This work casts light on the different causes of pain as the basis for choosing the right treatment method. For example, several patients may display the identical pain symptom, but that symptom may be brought about by several different causes. Thus, different treatments may be needed to treat the same pain symptom, which is known as ‘unlike treatment of like disease.’ This is a universal concept in Chinese traditional medicine but given little consideration in the current Western biomedical model. Causes, pathomechanism, and symptom diagnosis are broadly discussed, then given focus in ensuing chapters on pain due to headache, trigeminal neuralgia, cervical spondylosis, stiff neck, periarthritis of the shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, intercostal neuralgia, herpes zoster, chronic gastritis, gallstones, cholecystitis, ulcerative colitis, urethritis and cystitis (strangury), menstrual pain, chronic lumbar strain, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, sciatica, knee pain, and arthritis. Each condition is given a careful and complete description and detailed analysis. Each contains full prescriptions both for Chinese medicinal and acupuncture therapy. The Chinese medicinal formulas have been written by Professor Zhang Chun-Rong, who divides his time between researching, teaching, writing and seeing patients at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Professor Zhang’s academic achievements are outstanding and his choices of formulas and variations can be apppreciated by anyone who has completed studies of Chinese medicinals and formulas. They are an excellent means for furthering skill in applying the principles of Chinese medicine to the treatment of pain. The acupuncture prescriptions were written by Dr. Liu De-Quan, vice chief doctor of the Beijng Xuanwu TCM Hospital, who has seen patients all day, six days a week, for over 40 years. His wealth of experience and family tradition of Chinese medicine practitioners, means his treatments are often anything but ‘by the book’ and are perfectly adapted to the individual patient. Nevertheless, he strictly applies the principles of Chinese medicine in his therapeutic decision. Therefore, his acupuncture prescriptions are both a clinical treasury and a chance to step away from textbook knowledge and learn the ‘way of thought’ (si lu) Dr. Liu has developed using the principles of Chinese medicine according to the nature of change. The appendices/index include a useful Chinese–Latin table of medicinals, and a Pinyin-English table of acupuncture points. Contents: > Dedication > Preface > Notes on the Acupuncture Prescriptions > Chapter 1: Causes of Pain > Chapter 2: Pathomechanism of Pain > Chapter 3: Diagnosis of Pain Symptoms > Chapter 4: Headache > Chapter 5: Trigeminal Neuralgia > Chapter 6: Cervical Spondylosis > Chapter 7: Stiff Neck (Lao Zhen) > Chapter 8: Periarthritis of the Shoulder > Chapter 9: Tennis Elbow > Chapter 10: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome > Chapter 11: Intercostal Neuralgia > Chapter 12: Herpes Zoster > Chapter 13: Chronic Gastritis > Chapter 14: Gallstones > Chapter 15: Cholecystitis > Chapter 16: Ulcerative Colitis > Chapter 17: Urethritis & Cystitis (Surgery) > Chapter 18: Menstrual Pain > Chapter 19: Chronic Lumbar Strain > Chapter 20: Prolapse of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc > Chapter 21: Sciatica > Chapter 22: Knee Pain > Chapter 23: Heel Pain > Chapter 24: Arthritis (Impediment Pattern) > Appendix 1: Chinese-Latin Table of Medicinals > Appendix 2: Pinyin-English Table of Points & Channels > Bibliography > Index > About the Authors

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